Write for us

Ed Tech Network aims to create an online community of like-minded individuals who value the importance of education. Ed Tech Network likewise encourages its members and visitors to share their thoughts and ideas by submitting originally written content.

Each contribution is valuable because it presents a different side of education and technology. Your contributions will give us the opportunity to dwell into the minds of people who may not share our insights but are just as enthusiastic as we are in spreading the importance of education and technology.

Likewise, your contributions are a way of encouraging other Ed Tech Network members and visitors to participate in constructive discussions.

What to Do

Ed Tech Network values originality. Therefore, everything we post on the blog (unless contributed or quoted with permission) is our original work and property. As such, all contributions should be original and of good quality. Each submission should pass through a panel tasked to check for accuracy, brevity, and grammar quality. Here are the things you need to do/remember if you want to write for us:

1. Absolutely no copyrighted content – text, photos, videos, and audio, among others. Ed Tech Network will only accept your work if it is verified as your own work and original.

2. Only submissions related or relevant to education and technology will be accepted. Content with unfounded claims will not be accepted. Additionally, articles or content that malign or intend to destroy a group, organization, or individual is unacceptable.

3. Submissions should follow the right format: font style – Calibri, font size – 12, saved in Word, with by-line on the top left side of the first page. The total number of words should range from 300 to 500.

4. Before submitting, guests are required to review and edit their articles.

5. Submissions are accepted every 1st week of the month. Only one contribution per person each month.

6. Articles should be submitted via email to: info@edtechactionnetwork.org. On the Subject line, write “(Your First Name) Submission for Ed Tech.”

7. Do not forget to include a short “About the Writer” in your email message.