Education is one of the major needs of humankind. An educated person can accomplish a lot of things. Education is important because it is what helps man understand what’s right and wrong. It is what helps people determine what should and what should not be. Education forms, develops, and nurtures minds and shapes characters. Without education, life will be more difficult than it already is.

This is one of the reasons why Lisa Robles decided to create Ed Tech Action Network.

Ed Tech Network is dedicated to sharing information and updates related to education. We believe that education is one of the major elements needed for anyone to succeed. This is why knowing anything and everything that you can about education – its importance, evolution, and issues – is essential.

This e-magazine serves as your online portal for all information you may want to know about education. It is where you will find relevant news and updates about issues, activities, events, and other important details about education. The Ed Tech Network team is tasked to regularly post updated content, including special features like interviews and discussions with popular and well-loved education leaders.

Ed Tech Network is also about technology. Nowadays, technology is a major factor in everyone’s life. As such, it has become a complementary partner for education. With the help of technology, achieving the goal of education is easier. With technology, we can do a lot of things more efficiently. With technology, education becomes more interesting.

Ed Tech Network: Education + Technology for a brighter future.

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